Beyond the Limelight

Beyond the Limelight with Valentina Vee

September 14th, 2021 Beyond the Limelight Comments

We had an amazing chat with the incredibly talented, Valentina Vee. There is no doubt you’ve seen some of her work. Valentina is a professional videographer, filmmaker, content director for brands like Nike, National Geographic, MTV, and Chevy. She is also Aputure’s resident pro. In this episode, we learn about what inspires Valentina, how her purpose-driven work has sparked change, and how brands can make a genuine difference.

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Beyond the Limelight with Tom Sutherland

August 26th, 2021 Beyond the Limelight Comments


We had a great time chatting with the CEO and head of creative of DX7 Design, the legendary, Tom Sutherland. In this episode, we discover the importance of writing letters, how he has developed his creative processes, and what it means to dream respectfully. Learn more about Tom Sutherland and DX7 Design: