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Master FX and Volt Lites Announce New Partnership

March 23rd, 2023 Company News Comments

Master FX and Volt Lites, a premier lighting and production rental company in Burbank, CA, have announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing the accessibility of Master FX Fluids on the West Coast. The partnership creates a more efficient shipping network that will reduce delivery times and costs for customers in the region. By leveraging each other’s expertise and resources, Master FX and Volt Lites will be able to provide customers with exceptional service and support.

Effective immediately, the partnership will enable Master FX to expand its reach and provide easier access to its high-quality Fog and Haze fluids. This means customers will be able to get their hands on Master FX products quicker and at an affordable price point, thanks to Volt Lites’ established presence in the West Coast market.


Master FX Expands

February 6th, 2023 Company News Comments

Master FX is proud to announce the launch of our Canadian dealer network. In order to better serve our customers, we’ve partnered with Canadian-based Apex Sound & Light and Pur FX. Our neighbors to the north will now have quicker access to our machines, fluids, and accessories while avoiding costly import duties and shipping fees.

As Master FX expands, we continue to keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do. This expansion allows us to further our reach and offer Master FX’s industry-leading performance, road-worthy durability, and excellent customer service to a wider range of clientele.

Say hello to our new Canadian Dealers:

Apex Sound and Light

Pur FX

Limelight Wired Takes a Closer Look at The Mystic Series

January 20th, 2023 Company News Comments

The Mystic Series hazers are the most innovative hazers on the market today, but don’t just take our word for it, hear what Limelight Wired has to say:

The Mystic Series Expands

November 2nd, 2022 Company News Comments
Creativity and ingenuity are constantly pushed to their practical limits at Master FX, fueled wholly by a love for what we do. When we released our first hazer in 2017, The Mystic, we did so because we sought to make improvements within our own industry and make a hazer unlike anything else. The passion behind the Mystic’s conception is what made it rise to becoming and remaining the best-selling hazer on the market. However, we couldn’t stay satisfied for long and strived to keep creating and improving, building on our past to make something that would carve out a new future in atmospherics. This enthusiasm brought the all-new Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini into reality.
While we are still exceedingly proud of what the Mystic is, the attention to detail and improvements made in these new units will be greatly appreciated by those who share our passions. An advanced heating element and supercharged fan have pushed the Mystic 2’s output to unseen heights, an intuitive operating system and durable touchscreen have improved the ease of operation, and integrated RDM technology allows for diagnostic readings and adjustments to be made straight from the board. The additional tech upgrades of voltage detection, low fluid sensors, and automatic standby mode contribute to the longevity and reliability of our products.
Master FX is focused on your satisfaction not as a customer but as a designer, performer, photographer, or whatever hat you choose to wear. If you strive to find the perfect piece of gear, something that you can tell was built with a purpose in mind rather than profit, we are the company you want by your side. We exist to take your event to another atmosphere, and we’re having fun doing it.
The Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini will be available in early 2023.

Introducing the Mystic Mini

November 1st, 2022 Company News Comments

Introducing a hazer as powerful as it is portable; the Mystic Mini.

Don’t let its size fool you; The small but mighty Mystic Mini packs an astonishing output complemented by our new advanced heating technology, all at a fractional size of the original Mystic.

Additional features including voltage detection, intelligent sleep mode, RDM functionality, and super quiet operation, enhance dependability and long-term performance – all backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

With multiple fluid densities and integrated presets, there is nothing the Mystic Mini cant handle. For a delicate atmosphere, choose “Light Haze” – or go crazy with “Haze for Daze” – and if you’re feeling creative there’s always manual mode, all at the simple touch of a button.

For extra protection on the go, choose the Mystic Mini Tour featuring a durable road case that doubles as a stand.

Whether you’re hazing on the go, on set, or on stage, the Mystic Mini is the easy way to get it done. Set it down, start it up, and get to work – anytime, anywhere.

Learn more at:


Snow is in the Forecast

September 22nd, 2021 Company News Comments

Master FX has debuted their all-new Solstice Modular Snow System just ahead of the 2021 winter season. The Solstice is capable of instantly creating flurries or snowfall with the simple press of a button. Users can also elect to customize their own forecast with the extensive output controls. Choose between the compact Solstice Snow Machine or the fully equipped Solstice Pro that includes an enclosed road case for extra sound deadening, a 5L fluid container, and a 30ft hose extension for a range of outputs.

There will be limited availability this year, so customers are encouraged to pre-order early to receive on time for the holiday season. To learn more and reserve your solstice, visit or email



Introducing Atlas

October 8th, 2019 Company News Comments

You asked. We listened. Master FX is excited to introduce the all-new Atlas, an advanced led fog generator with superior capabilities.


The 1700W / 120 V Atlas is equipped with dual high-intensity pumps for an instant on and off, simulating cryo effects like never before.


The Atlas is outfitted with 30x 10w RGBAW LEDs that illuminate every burst. You can control up to 3 zones when operating on 19 channel mode via DMX.


Multi-Angle mounting gives the user limitless options for placement and the reversible fluid cage makes it easy to fly with confidence.


No Co2 required. All you need is APEX specially formulated fog fluid for the perfect thick, quick dissipating plume. Control the height of your plume from 1-45ft with the fully adjustable output.

To learn more about the Atlas and how to order, contact us!

Watch the Atlas video here!

Master FX in Singapore

September 10th, 2019 Company News Comments

Master FX is thrilled to announce the completion of a significant International Project. 

Since 2016, Master FX has been hard at work on the development of the “Foggy Bowl Exhibit” at the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. The immersive exhibit has quickly become one of the most exciting additions in the recent airport expansion; an expansion that has increased Changi Airport’s position as one of the leading air hubs in the world and boosted their appeal as a stopover destination for travelers. 

Over the course of the project, Master FX was responsible for the research and development of an entire turn-key system to meet the client’s needs. The team began by modeling a prototype machine that expels low-lying fog without the use of Co2 while withstanding confined conditions beneath the surface. Additionally, the crew produced an exclusive fluid formulated specifically for peak performance. Upon the realization of the core components, Master FX created a mainframe system to initiate a fogging sequence at set intervals and formed the blueprints for an underground fluid distribution system. After careful consideration of all the details, the team traveled overseas to ensure the operation was installed on time and without issue. 

The realization of this project has demonstrated what Master FX is capable of when it comes to customized solutions. The success of the Foggy Bowl exhibit and its universal appeal has confirmed Master FX’s ability to devise and execute a custom installation on a large scale and further establishes them as the trusted experts in atmospherics.

Presenting “The Mystic”: The Premier Haze Generator

November 17th, 2017 Company News Comments

Master FX heads into the ‘Mystic’ with new state-of-the-art haze generator.

Romeoville, Ill. — Nov. 17, 2017 — To kick off a reinvented presence at the 2017 Live Design International show in Las Vegas, Master FX is proud to unveil, The Mystic, it’s first own newly designed premier haze generator.

The Mystic continues the company’s branded line of manufactured special effects equipment, following the release of the Prodigy Series fog machines earlier this year.

The model offers users two fluid options for thin and thick atmospheres. It features the most powerful fan ever integrated into a hazer, eliminating the need for external equipment while offering users an improved level of control to meet the demands of every customer. In addition, Master FX is offering a competitive 10 year warranty on all parts and service giving customers a peace of mind.

“When our team started development on The Mystic we relied heavily on the needs and feedback of our diverse customer base,” says owner Vince Camerano. “Next to foggers, hazers are a crucial component to any production and we hope to elevate its profile to the next level in a package that is both versatile and reliable.”

To coincide with the announcement, exclusive preorders for The Mystic will begin today at LDI, as well as, ahead of the product’s release in February. 

For more information on The Mystic, visit

Master FX, Inc.

Master FX, Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of high-end special effects equipment and fluids, with products and services distributed around the globe. Whether it’s theatrical productions, themed attractions, immersive training, or anything else in between, Master FX supplies the tools and guidance necessary to guarantee an unforgettable event.


Master FX Expands!

October 16th, 2017 Company News Comments

To synchronize itself with an exceptional surge in growth, Master FX has recently expanded its headquarters to a newly designed facility in Romeoville, Illinois. The new home of the leading special effects manufacturer triples the company’s industrial space to house a diverse range of inventory, while making it more efficient to process and ship customer orders the moment they are submitted. “Our goal is to keep our customers happy, and this transition enables us to stand by that satisfaction promise, while growing responsibly and exceeding the demands of the industry,” says owner Vince Camerano. “This is certainly a big step in an exciting new direction.” This new growth is not only seen through additional square footage, but through an additional area that will serve as a state of the art research and development sector for future innovations.