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The Mystic Series Expands

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 , , , Comments

Creativity and ingenuity are constantly pushed to their practical limits at Master FX, fueled wholly by a love for what we do. When we released our first hazer in 2017, The Mystic, we did so because we sought to make improvements within our own industry and make a hazer unlike anything else. The passion behind […]

A Retro Battle Between Water-Based Haze and Oil-Based Haze | FX Forum

In this episode of FX Forum, Ryan covers the classic debate between Water-Based Haze and Oil-Based Haze. Because there are pros and cons to each, we broke it down into 5 categories to help narrow it down. – Appearance – Hang-Time – Cleanliness – Breathability – Cost Which one will come out victorious?! Let us […]