The Mystic Series Expands

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 Company News Comments
Creativity and ingenuity are constantly pushed to their practical limits at Master FX, fueled wholly by a love for what we do. When we released our first hazer in 2017, The Mystic, we did so because we sought to make improvements within our own industry and make a hazer unlike anything else. The passion behind the Mystic’s conception is what made it rise to becoming and remaining the best-selling hazer on the market. However, we couldn’t stay satisfied for long and strived to keep creating and improving, building on our past to make something that would carve out a new future in atmospherics. This enthusiasm brought the all-new Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini into reality.
While we are still exceedingly proud of what the Mystic is, the attention to detail and improvements made in these new units will be greatly appreciated by those who share our passions. An advanced heating element and supercharged fan have pushed the Mystic 2’s output to unseen heights, an intuitive operating system and durable touchscreen have improved the ease of operation, and integrated RDM technology allows for diagnostic readings and adjustments to be made straight from the board. The additional tech upgrades of voltage detection, low fluid sensors, and automatic standby mode contribute to the longevity and reliability of our products.
Master FX is focused on your satisfaction not as a customer but as a designer, performer, photographer, or whatever hat you choose to wear. If you strive to find the perfect piece of gear, something that you can tell was built with a purpose in mind rather than profit, we are the company you want by your side. We exist to take your event to another atmosphere, and we’re having fun doing it.
The Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini will be available in early 2023.